The free documentary with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The free documentary with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Now for the first time you will have the exclusive opportunity to watch the documentation with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Q’ero shaman – the descendants of the Incas – completely free.

Learn more about the ancient knowledge, philosophy and rituals of the mystical shamans

Schaman, Healer & Sage – The Earthkeepers

Wie es möglich ist, uns neu zu programmieren, um eine neue Realität zu erschaffen?
Wie kannst du deine Gesundheit, dein neues Leben und eine neue Welt erträumen und manifestieren?
Ist ein Paradies auf Erden möglich?

Dr. Alberto Villoldo studierte erst als Wissenschaftler, später als Schüler der Meisterschamanen die Techniken der schamanischen Energiemedizin.


In dieser einzigartigen Dokumentation mit Dr. Alberto Villoldo erfährst du mehr über:

The Wiracocha

How you can perceive and cleanse your Luminous Energy Field.

The consciousness

How to use your consciousness outside of space and time.

The new dream

How to dream your life, your health and the world into being.

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Learn the ancient wisdom in this exclusive, free documentary with Dr. Alberto Villoldo!

The Engineers of the Sacred World.

Shamans began researching healing over 50,000 years ago. Over the millennia they accumulated more wisdom and understood more about the world and medicine than we can understand today through modern physics.

Shamans recognize people’s predispositions in the light energy field that surrounds them. This is an information store, the software of our lives. It tells us how we live, how we heal, how we get sick and how we die.

The shamans have found ways and developed techniques that can purify this field of light and thus rewrite a person’s history.

Mind, Body & Spirit.

How it is possible to reprogram yourself and thereby create a better world.

Tools & Rituals.

The old shamanic master tools to re-experience the connection to nature.


What the healing of our ancestral line has to do with the healing of the body.

“Everyone is waiting for eternity and the shamans ask, how about tonight?” – Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Experience true wisdom. Information is knowing that water is H2O. For shamans, only wisdom is useful, namely knowing how to make it rain.

The big picture.

In Western science, we look at everything through microscopes. But what if we look through the wrong end of the microscope? Maybe we are forgetting the bigger picture?


Our health is a side effect of our way of life: our connection to nature, nutrition, spirituality, forgiveness & beliefs.

A message from Alberto Villoldo

Before his travels, Alberto Villoldo studied the human brain at the University of San Francisco. He investigated how to keep the mind, brain and body healthy and how diseases arise. It was clear how psychosomatic illnesses could be caused. But how can body, mind and soul be healed.

These considerations led him to search for alternative views. Views of space and time that differed from our Western ones. So he began to research cultural differences in the perception of space and time.

So he left his laboratory, packed his bags and traveled into the Amazon jungle. During his travels he met many shamans in the Amazon and the Andes, in Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

He met people who could only heal the body and maintain health with the power of their spirit and herbal remedies.

He learned a lot from them, first as a medical anthropologist and later as a student of the shamans.